Math retakes-week 2

Today, I took my second round of my GCSE math retakes. During the weekend, I tried to do revisionary work on the math learning zone website, but I couldn’t access it on my laptop. Michelle Williams and another leader for my retakes explained that I could only access the course from the computers in either the L building or B29. So, we went to B29, where I locked on and began my retakes for the day. I did revisions on certain questions I got wrong or had difficulty answering last time (money, fractions and decimals). Once I knew how to solve them, they became slightly easier to answer. I also had to send Michelle my result from last week in an Email, so she could see which questions I could handle and which I couldn’t.

Afterwards, I had to take a specialised GCSE math test and answer as many questions I could. Most of them were extremely difficult, but I did managed to solve half of them. Before I left, Michelle showed me a trick on how to solve the 11 timetable, which reminded me of a similar method for  multiplication at my old school.

Afterwards, I went back to my flat, had lunch, watched wrestling and tried to get my laundry done Unfortunately, the same problems I’ve been having with my laundry card continued today and just got fed up with it. Fiona and I will hopefully settle this issue this Friday. I went back to my room, relaxed and wrote down notes on my London trip last week.


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