Counter Crisis-ideas

Today, our teacher gave us more information on our project, 3D design and it’s place in creative media. He showed us examples of designers their 3-D responses to a crisis, the different roles in art and design and the outcome we hope to reach by the end of this week: an idea that responds to a specific crisis.

After break, I shared my artist research with the other members of my group. We looked at examples of designers and their own counter crisis responses and had to talk about each one, from their purpose and functionality to what we specific like about the product. WE also had to come with 5 or 6 ideas for designs of our own, each one drawn on a sheet of paper. The one idea we each choose to work with must be original in design, sophisticated in purpose and have potential to be realised. I wrote/drew several ideas down in my note pad and sketch book, with the most prominent being a bomb made out of toys, a backpack basked weaved with straw and cutlery made from pinewood. Eventually, based on the views of my TA (Su) and two of members of the group (as well as my own eagerness to make it), I chose to make a table out of toys. This idea is based on the toy chair design of the Campana brothers, one of the groups of designers I chose to research. As mentioned previously, I really wanted to make this table, because it would be the most fun and exciting of my ideas, as well as being a good, original idea and within reason to make. My initial design would be dolls as the legs and cars around the rim, though I had to consider how the dolls would take the weight of the table.

I drew several more sketches of my idea in my sketch book and spoke about it with my teacher, who asked the very question I’ve been fiddling with and reminded me that this project is experimental only, as we only have a week to finish. So, after talking it over with my Su, we agreed to make my table small with one leg.

So, after class, my TA and I went into town to browse the charity shops  for dolls, cars and any other toys. We looked in about 4 shops, but they had virtually no dolls, though I did consider using stuff toys instead. ALong the way, su suggested I could use alternatives to dolls and just use cars, as they are more likely to balance vertically. I decided this was a better course of action, and once we got to the last shop, I bought 3 toy vehicles and a transforming robot. Prior to buying them, I stacked them up to see how they balance and for the most part, they balanced well, though I will need the glue gun to keep them together. SU also suggested I get a base for the bottom of my table top, to help keep the design steady and straight.

So we went into one last charity shop and I bought a tray basket. I fitted it with my cars and it looked good enough for me to buy it, though now it will be the actual table surface instead of the base for it. The day was good, though as mention in my last post, I’m not a fan of 3D, but I’m enjoying myself nonetheless and look forward to experimenting with my idea come Thursday.


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