Counter Crisis-Introduction

Today, I begin my 3D project, Counter Crisis. The idea of this project is to produce a physical response to a crisis, incident or event. The outcome will either be a product, architecture or model.

For today though, we just had top listen and watch a presentation, taking us through this week’s brief, putting us in groups and sending us to research designers and their responses to crises.

For my research, I look at the work of the Campana Brothers, EL UlTIMO GRITO and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Each of their work was distinct, unique and memorable in showcasing the many different forms of design and architecture. My favourite is portfolio of work is the Campana Brothers and their interior work. It’s blends modern art with old architectural sensibilities, as well as show their own characteristics. I was able to successfully print off the Campana Brothers research in colour.

After Lunch, we went into the workshop and had our induction, where we were shown each piece of equipment and machinery, how they work and what we shouldn’t do with them. It was a nice introduction to the workshop, where \i will possibly begin work on my project. I’ve worked in workshop before at my old school (Marlborough) and a little bit at college, so I should be fine handling the machinery, as long as I am not alone.

After that, I went back to the library and printed off my research on Studio ULTIMO. I began my research on the Bouroullec brothers, though am thinking I might replace that and print off the research I did on Frank Gehry.

For tomorrow, I need to brain storm some ideas with my group and come up with 3 possible ideas and pick one to work with for our outcome.

Truthfully, I’ve never been a fan of 3-D art and always had trouble working in the medium. Despite that, I’ve made some good work in 3-D and I look forward to sharing my ides with my group tomorrow.


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