Private study

Since I had no lessons yesterday, I decided to catch up with my work. First, I went to see my TA, Fiona and together we printed out my pictures for my induction project. Since printing is expensive, we diced to send my pictures to her memory stock and print them off using her unlimited print credits. Once that was finished, we discussed my work for next week and our future meetings every Friday. Fiona is very kind and thoughtful and I look forward to seeing her again.

Once I got back to my room, I cut and stuck my images down into my journal. As part of my course, I need to write down my latest pieces of work as much as possible, chronicling my time on the course with analyses and images.

Later, I continued my mix rotation drawings. First, I continued my drawing of the post office in town and it went a-lot better because I wasn’t standing next to a stone pillar. My next drawing I continued with was the sketch of one of Louise Bourgeois’s drawings from the Tate Modern. I was able to finish it this time around.

Overall, I did just a little bit of work, though hopefully I will do more in time for next week.


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