Mathes and Modernism

Today, I had to take part in GCSE math retakes. I miss the last session last week and had trouble finding the building where the retakes where taking place, but in the end I found it, with some help from some teachers. I had trouble logging in at first, but once I did, I had to complete a series GCSE level math questions, from fractions and decimals to money and probability. aths has always been a tough subject for me and many questions were not easy to answer, but I did the best I could and my results were pleasing: Level entry 2. I am going to continue my re-take for the next few weeks.

AFter I had lunch, I had a meeting with my TA and a member of staff known as John. He wanted to discuss my medical history, but my mum knew more than me. Eventually, we agreed to meet every friday to look over my work and see where I am, as well as have I TA accompany me to my lessons for the rest of the year. My TA, miss Fi, is really nice and I look forward to seeing her on Friday.

After our meeting, I had to go to the lecture theatre for a two part lecture of the origins of Modernism. I knew of Modernism, but I also learned more about the other contributions to creative arts the movement has provided (the origins of photography, first painting with a female nude and origins of cubism). I also wrote down the names of several artists that are related to Modernism.

The downside today, I had to take out the bins and buy bin bags for them. I’ve spoken with brinery (one of my flatmates) and she has spoken with the others and we have agreed to clean up our dishes and put them away afterwards, as well as keep an I on the bins. Other then that, it was a good day.



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