London visit

Today, I went on my first University art trip to London. I got a early (6.15), had breakfast and then went to wait for my flatmate (tamzin) and my TA for the day, Val. Once we were all together, we made our way to the train station, bought our tickets and left for Waterloo station, where we were to meet the rest of our art group at 11.00.

AFter meeting up with the others, we left for out first destination, Somerset House. Among the exhibitions I got to see were the Tattoo art show, an exhibition of tattoo artwork from many of the world’s most well-known tattoo artist. After looking around, I went next-door to the National Open art show and saw the latest pieces of art form up and coming artists. I even got to vote for my favourite artist for the upcoming art competition. Both shows were brilliant, showcasing a wide range of styles and methods. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to look at the Beryl Bainbridge art show, which showcase the drawings and paintings of the late writer, Beryl Bainbridge.

After we had lunch, we made our way to the Tate Modern. I’ve been to the Tate many times and have always had a great time looking at the latest exhibitions. I was most looking forward to seeing the newest Surrealism exhibition (Beyond Surrealism), with the highlight being A Mi-Voix, by Dorothea Tanning, 1958. Among the highlights of the Tate Modern where Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams, 1961-5, by Sudanese artist Ibrahim EL  Salahi, Tiny deaths by Bill Viola, Incidents by Henry WEssel, Projection by Andrea Fraser, Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin’s architectural artwork and the drawings of Louise Bourgeois. Since I’ve been doing drawings for the last few days, I was captivated by her art. I sat down and drew the pictures of the art I saw today. Sadly, we had to leave the Tate to be on time to meet with the group and head home. Today was great, as I once again saw fine examples of art and design across multiple media. One day, I hope to see my own work within the walls of the Tate Modern.


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