Mix Rotation: Drawing Methods 2

Today, I continued my observational drawings. The objects I drew today were a sea shell, a pinecone, two bottles (Plastic and glass) and a leave. In addition to pencil, I also used chalk and graphite, each to great effect. The drawings were great, as my teacher complimented my use of details.

After I had lunch in subway, I continued my drawings outside. The first thing I attempted to draw was a HSBC post office building. Unfortunately, I made the portions for one of the windows too big and couldn’t get to the others. I grew frustrated and decided to finish it later. I went into waterstones and tried to draw one of the book shelves, but got mad trying to write the title of the book shelve (music),=. Also, the environment was too distracting with all the books and graphic novels, so I decided to leave.

Fortunately, I found the next thing to draw outside: the wooden statue of a lion and a lamb. First I drew the lion, and then the lamb, getting in as much detail as possible and trying to get the proportions just right.

Once I came back, our teacher gave us more information on the upcoming trip to the latest London exhibition this Thursday. Prior to my indoor drawings, we had to write down out contact numbers, in the event one of us get lost during the trip.


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