Mix rotation: Drawing methods workshop

Today, I started my second part of my course, Mix Rotation: Drawing Methods. For the remainder of this week, I will be immersed in various drawing exercises, using different drawing materials, drawing various objects in my surroundings and using different surfaces to draw on and influence the image.

Today, I started my first drawing exercise, Observational drawing. The subjects of my observational drawings were a left, tree bark, weed and two pieces of bone, each of varying size and origin. I greatly enjoyed the first drawing exercise. The second one however, I had to draw outside. I had trouble trying to find certain things to draw, but I eventually chose the following 4: Red dust bin (cardboard only), recycling bin, a large stem and leaves and a potted tree from outside the refectory.

Pros: Each observational drawing was different, with their own characteristics and compositions.

Cons: Trouble finding the next object to draw.

Could’ve done more work on the stem and leaves.

Outcome: I’ve always enjoyed drawing from sight and have been looking forward to this brief. I did get frustrated, trying to find something specific to drawn outside and I feel I should have done more on one of the outside drawings. But, overall, I really got into this exercise  and look forward to the next phase tomorrow.


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