Visual Communication-Systems

This latest post will cover my first major brief-Visual communications-Systems. I had to provide my own example of a system (example would my routine when I wake up in the morning or structure of a government) and display through the following methods: collage and typography. First, I had to pick an aspect of a system. I chose family, because it is very important to me and because it has a clear system structure (father-mother-children). First, using typography, I had to make 3 graphics using the words that relate to family (sisters, family reunion, father and mother).  The first typograph was the letter E, made up of the words sisters and sons. The second was Father and Mother, written in reverse vertically and horizontally and in the form of a cross. The third was family, written sideways and coloured in with pastel, though I consider using paint at first. I had to do a fourth typograph, using the words heritage and lineage, written with the first half of lineage sharing the “age” part with heritage. I did them in 3-D, which was very difficult but I managed to finish in the end. Afterwards, we moved on to collage. After seeing examples of collage, we were told to bring in the following items as homework: grid paper, fashion magazines and image from the internet that relate to our chosen systems. AFter we brought the materials in,we each had to hand over a image and pass to the next person. That person would analysis the picture and write an explanation on what is happening in the picture. I had to analysis an image of a young surgeon preparing for an operation. Once that task was finished, we had to play around with the materials, and produce examples before we moved onto our final pieces. Eventually, after making 4 collages on two sheets of A1, it was time to make 3 primary collages that relate to my family system. Each one has something to do with family in some way or another, made up of images from my magazine or the internet. I like all three, though the third is my personal favourite. As we were rushing through this brief, I missed certain details on what do next. One of my classmates told me we had to produce one 3-d collage with a typograph. I had to rush and quickly put together a family tree made out of cardboard, with images from my fashion magazine. I made a sign that reads “family reunion” and stuck it down using a glue gun. it’s anything but perfect, but it was still it was good enough. Eventually, I had to make my final two visual systems in relation with family. I had to quickly draw examples into my journal and began to make each one: make the letter F (for family out of the words sister and sis, print out one of my family images (hart family) and make a negative space from cutting a heart shape hole in the middle and colour it red wit pastel. For my third and final piece, I printed out another image (a picture of a newborn baby), enlarged it and cut out the hat and wrote “legacy” across it. I then colored it in with red paint and colored the words in with pink highlighter marker. I drew in the lower half of the baby’s body and wrote new addition across and down it. Following that, I painted the word green and colored the body in pink highlight.

Once we took pictures, we had to swap out final pieces with a fellow student and critique and analysis each other work. I critique a female classmate’s work and she did mine. Her work was simple and got the message across, while she suggested to me to cut more around the image of the baby and add more paint to those areas, thus giving the image a more unified look.

Overall, it was a great first brief to start my course. I really enjoyed doing the typography, as I have used it before, as well as the collage. Using both were instrumental to my past work at college. I enjoyed the typo a bit more then the college and near the end, I got stressed and worried I wouldn’t finish in time. But, I did the best that I could and a hope to expand on it in the future.


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