This covers my induction project for my first week at UCA. Firstly, I had to do three observational drawings of 3 of my classmates (continuous, left-handed and drawing with two different drawing tools at the same time with both hands). The classmates I drew were Joel, Adam and Jed, and I used the following tools for each one: Pencil (Joel), Pen (Adam) and both hands (Jed). My favourites wee Joel and Jed, cause I think I could have done a bit better with Adam. Afterwards, I was paired with Joel again and we each asked the other certain questions about ourselves. We then had to draw a image based on the others answers. These images represent who the person is, his like, dislikes, dreams, fears and overall personality. Beforehand, I had to draw a more detailed image of joel, which was much better then my earlier one.

For the next day, I had to get out my improved image from my summer project. I had to write down 3 key aspects of my image and lay it out for others to see. Afterwards, I was placed in a group, and together, we had to make our own exhibition and display our images. We had to arrange our pictures in a presentable manner, but this proved to be quite challenging. We each made suggestions on how to display them, before deciding to display them in a manner that tells a story. Using my suggestion of Captain Crawford as a title, the group expanded on it and name our exhibition “The Obituary of Captain Crawford”. The story is about the Captain, his family and his sudden death (circumstance are up to interpretation.). It was a great way to start my induction and a taste of real university work.

For the rest of the week onwards, my group had to gather all the found objects from the first half of our summer project and make our final outcome. First, we had to look up possible artists to research in preparation of our brief. AFter much discussion and sharing ideas, we agreed to compile as much of our found objects as possible into an installation. The 3-d installation would be broken into two sections, one representing nature ad the other representing industrialisation. First, we built the base out of cardboard, made small mountains out of cardboard and stuck them around the base of our tree. We then made paper-mache and covered the base of the tree (mountains) in it. We planted sticks around the base (mini trees) and used two large pieces of cardboard for the tree building (our nickname for the installation). The top half would be the industrial and the lower half would be nature. As we neared the end, my group and I painted the ground of our tree, in order to give it a more natural landscape appearance. We even sprinkled sands, stones, leaves and wood chips around the base, furthering the relation to nature. The appearance was similar to Autumn. The industrial half would be made up of wires, smoke (painted bin bag) and man-made rubbish. The top half of the building would simply be a chimney, as it spews waste into the sky. Finally, we added our title near the top (made out of found objects), “Beauty in decay”. The title references the transition from nature to industrial and the beauty found in pollution. Overall, it was a great way to start my week at UCA. The brief was fun and engaging and rewarding near the end. If I had one complaint about the piece, is that we didn’t have enough time to work on the white background.


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